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Humans vs. Zombies return

Published: Friday, March 18, 2011

Updated: Friday, March 18, 2011 00:03


A zombie apocalypse is coming back to Lyndon State.

Once again, the game of humans versus zombies is back. Last time the zombies struck, humans won the battle.

"It's one of the best events on campus at LSC," said Kevin Lessard, one of the human survivors from the last game.

The game is played with one original zombie tagging humans and converting them into zombies to go on the attack. The humans attempt to avoid detection and move around the campus completing missions. Their only defense is throwing socks at the zombies to temporarily freeze them from any zombie attacks.

Each night the humans have to complete missions, which give them benefits for the next day's fight.

"It was something to look forward to, it creates a lot of excitement," said sophomore Alyssa Sylvia.

The final night ends in all-out war and the winner is declared, depending on the outcome of the final mission.

 The way the game works is every player registers online at the given website for LSC, and is given a number card. When zombies tag them, their cards are imputed by the zombie and add to their kill count. During the day, humans must wear armbands signifying that they are playing the game. Then as people are tagged their numbers are put online so players can check who is on what side.

One change to the game that LSC has made is the use of Nerf guns. When the game was invented, use of Nerf guns was allowed, but for safety reasons LSC does not allow the use of Nerf guns in the game. All buildings are safe zones and the game is not allowed to interfere with any school activities.

The zombie attack will start on April 18 and last through April 21. Sign-up information will be out after April break.



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